Biophysics Workshop (15th of December 2011)

I pose next to the poster

On Tuesday, 13th of December 2011, 6th Christmas Biophysics Workshop was brought to conclusion. A small scientific meeting took place in Varaždin and I was the president of the organization committee of the Workshop. In case you are interested in scientific details, you can take a look at the >> web pages of the workshop. The pages also include the gallery of photographs so that you can sense a bit of the atmosphere "around and besides" the science.

The preparations for the workshop resulted with some material for the "Construction of Reality". For example, on the photograph above (taken by T. Vuletić) you can see me standing next to one of the posters prepared for the Workshop. The posters were displayed on several places in hotel "Turist" in Varaždin and my aim was that the attendees feel that they are really in the place that expects them. That is why the motifs of the posters had a biophysical flavor, as the images below show.

poster fern

The image above shows the poster with the fern pattern. This model is based on the L-system formula that I developed several years ago and described in details in the post >> L world.

poster Leonardo hair

The image above shows the poster with "Leonardo's hair", i.e. the "plant" made according to the algorithm sketched in the post >> Leonardo's hair which was also used for the "monuments" in my reconstruction of Leonardo's temple described in >> this post.

poster toroidal flowers

The image above is called "I see tori in flowers". Take note that the flower petals are pieces of tori. The image was made a long time ago for my lectures on stereoscopy. The original version can be seen in my >> paper on stereoscopy (in Croatian).

And to finish this slightly tired post, the images below contain really fast sketches of the lecturers that I made on Monday (12th of December) morning. These sketches are of a much lower quality that the ones made >> on vacation or those >> published in the previous post simply because the lecturers move all the time and it is difficult to construct their "visual essence". In some of the sketches I got to do that to a larger extent than in some others. Still, I must show these sketches because I flaunted about my sketching ability to the attendees of the conference. That is what happens when one speaks too much.

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