Water vedute: Split, 28th of February 2014

A view of Prokurative in Split

Cushions in Peristil. People sitting and drinking coffee. A middle-sized man constantly moves so to be in front of us, mumbling nervously and blocking the approach to the Split cathedral. Heh, you cannot enter it when you want it.

A sky circle. A sky framed by walls. We pass under it.

A room that smells like lavender. A soap that smells like lavender. A towel that smells like rosemary.

Bačvice. We passed through Bačvice at least seven times. I don't want to bathe on Bačvice.

Scrapers. A hot asphalt. In Split. In year 1988 I descend towards army hotel Duilovo in stupid light pants which are narrower at the ankles. Going through paths shadowed by foliage. What a relief! A shade. Young physicists who go to attend the lecture on nuclear energy in peaceful context. And to basketball after that. In Split.

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Last updated on 28th of February 2014.